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Kindness Elf Cards

Christmas December Elves Giving Kindness Kindness Cards

Does your family partake in either Elf On The Shelf or the Kindness Elf tradition? If so, we have a new printable we think you'll love!

Kindness Elves Photo

These are our kindness elves, Oof and Nindo (named by my daughter Cora when she was 2). When they arrive on December 1st, they bring a welcome letter explaining that their purpose is to spread holiday cheer and to give ideas for how to be thoughtful and kind during the holiday season. Each morning until Christmas, the elves leave a note for the girls with a "kindness task" for the day.

The holiday season is a great time to focus on the act of giving with your children. Much like gratitude, thoughtfulness is not something that children are born with -it's something that must be modeled, discussed and practiced as a family!

If you would like to incorporate this message into your Elf routine, we have created a set of printable cards that you can leave out with your elves each morning. BONUS- they are printed in a handwriting your child(ren) won't recognize! We have included extra idea cards as well as some blanks in case there are some that don't resonate with you, or if you have ideas of your own that you'd like to include. 

If elves are not your family's thing, you could still use the cards as inspiration for holiday giving and thoughtfulness- just select a new card to read aloud and carry out each day!

There are six pages total, and they are available in three downloadable files below: 




We recommend printing on card stock if you have it, but regular printer paper will work too.

Happy Holidays and we hope you enjoy!!


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