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Just ONE Litter Has Launched!

Just One Litter Cover
We are excited to announce that Leane's project with the Kennebec Valley Humane Society has launched! Leane has been a member of the KVHS Board of Directors for several years now and is very passionate about the great work that this organization does. With support and input from Project Manager Kim Nixon, the Education Committee, and local teachers and parents, Leane designed this educational storybook in the form of a very detailed coloring book. 
Meeting Rosie
Just ONE Litter revolves around one kitten at a shelter and shows how one unneutered cat can produce thousands of potentially homeless kittens. The mission of the book is to help educate children about the importance of spay/neuter. 
back cover
The coloring book is available for purchase here:
100% of proceeds support KVHS! <3

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